2003.11.18 23:08 "[Tiff] TIFF Q about pseudo-tags for Pixar", by Chris Losinger

2003.11.19 02:20 "[Tiff] TIFF Q about pseudo-tags for Pixar", by Frank Warmerdam

I'd like to enable minimal Pixel reading support: read everything to 8-bit units.

At the top of tif_pixarlog.c, there's a comment that says "The program can request which format it desires by setting the internal pseudo tag TIFFTAG_PIXARLOGDATAFMT to one of these possible values..." So, when should I set that value? And, can I do it, if I'm using the RGBA interface?


I have no idea, but if you figure out the answer, and can suggest appropriate changes to the documentation we would like to apply them.

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