2000.06.06 19:39 "Makefile request", by Brian Herron

2000.06.06 20:43 "RE: Makefile request (updated)", by Bill Radcliffe

My standard answer is YES.

A very flexible way is to nab the NT version of ImageMagick (http:\\www.imagmagick.org) and build it. You will find copies of all the major libraries contained right there - TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc. These all have very flexible builds now with all the possible combinations you might want.

The only downside - is that we tend to lag a bit behind the current "release" of the TIFF library by a couple of months. I like to let things settle a bit before upgrading to the absolute latest release. However - you can always go get the latest and drop it in and recompile using the supplied build environment.