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1999.08.10 14:51 "Re: VC++ [libtiff library for WIN NT]", by

Lee Hamilton@MOORECORP
08/10/99 10:51 AM

I found a WIN NT version of the library and ignored the make files, just let Visual C++ (5.0) build it form me. Also rebuilt in VC++ 6.0. Got the library from My platform is WIN NT 4.0 SP3.

Create a WIN32 static library project (with a name that means something, (like libtiffnt), exclude the 'main' files (MK*.c) from the build, and build the library using build. Use this library to build your TIFF applications.

Oguzhan Erkan <> on 08/10/99 06:06:38 AM

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Subject: VC++

Hi everybody,

     I have a problem. I'm new at VC++ and I couldn't compile and make a

library as libtiff.lib. I think it's because of ANSI compatibility. Can anyone help me with compiling, linking arguments needed for "good" result... the MAK files came in are not working properly at me. I use WinNt4.0 with Service Pack 5.0, and Visual C++ 6.0.