2001.04.18 00:01 "5,5,5 bits per sample RGB images", by Brent Foster

2001.04.18 08:18 "Re: 5,5,5 bits per sample RGB images", by Martí Maria


The LeadTools toolkit seems to implement the second format above for reading; I'm not sure if it can write them. It looks to me like this is wrong - is it?

Seems wrong... but perhaps there is an extra sample of one bit, check for the existence of ExtraSamples tag. If so, SamplesPerPixel should be 4 and BitsPerSample should be "5, 5, 5, 1"

Another way to solve the word padding would be to use 5-6-5, with 6 bits for green, since eye is more sensitive to Luma, and green does have more luma that other components.Unfortunately, libtiff does not handle this kind of tiff, with different bit count per component.