2003.09.05 18:14 "[Tiff] read in whole tiff file", by Pushkar Pradhan

2003.09.10 13:04 "[Tiff] read in whole tiff file", by Frank Warmerdam

Is there a way to read in the complete TIFF file in one READ call? I need to do this. Thanks,


I find it almost impossible to imagine a compelling need to read an entire TIFF file in one call. Computer programming languages include looping constructs in order to allow us to complete an aggregate result by a series of small operations, and subroutines so we can bundle them into packages as needed.

However, the TIFFReadRGBAImage() call will read a whole open TIFF image into a memory array in RGBA (red/green/blue/alpha) form in a single call. Try reading over the man page on it and see if it is suitable to your needs.


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