TIFF and LibTiff Mail List Archive

1999.11.19 19:49 "Re: tiffclose on windows leaves files open/ fixed", by Richard Fateman

"Denny, Tom" wrote:
> I'm using Libtiff34b037.

> I don't know if you can use them in lisp or not, but I'm attaching my > compiled libtiff.dll and libtiff.lib files if you want to see if it fixes

> your problem.
> -Tom
> <<libtiff.lib>> <<libtiff.dll>>

Great! that fixed it!

For your information, all that was needed was to do this in the (still running) lisp system:

(loadfile "libtiff.dll")

and then re-execute the mapping between my lisp functions and the library, e.g. loading in a file that has this in it

(defforeign 'tiffclose :entry-point
  :arguments '(integer)
  :return-type :integer)

The server stayed up throughout the operation. No local anesthesia even.