1999.12.07 18:01 "run-length encoding", by Kambiz Asrar Haghighi

1999.12.07 18:15 "Re: run-length encoding", by Daniel McCoy

As far as I can tell, tiff only recognizes run-length coding for bi-level images, are there any provisions for tiff readers to recognize (.pcx) style color run-length coding? Or is it hopeless to run-length encode an RGB image using the PCX microsoft format and expect any tiff programs to read that(I guess I should know better than to ask this question, I haven't seen such a tag in the compression field).

TIFF includes Mac style "PackBits" run-length encoding, which works for strings of bytes. It works fine 8-bit grey scale or palette images or 24-bit RGB images that are stored in "separate" format.