2003.09.16 07:55 "[Tiff] color info corruped only with Kodak Imaging", by Takuya Sato


I develop a tiffcp based tool which add some tags like DocumentName(269), Date&Time(306). The tool program converts an original tiff images to new tiff image with tags above.

I got a funny result on converted images. These tiff images' color changed only when I open with Kodak Imaging. Another applications, like gimp(linux), iview(win), paintshop pro(win), graphicconveter(mac) are OK.

Since a tiff image color before convert is good with Kodak Imaging, I think my code is wrong. I guess some color information in the result image info broken. If a tiff image is not color, it works fine with Kodak.

I put a sample tiff here (http://www012.upp.so-net.ne.jp/ontheroad/funny_color.tif). Please compare with Kodak Imaging result and another viwer's result. Kodak Imaging comes with the Windows operating system (except XP).

Could you teach me where is a problem?


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