2008.09.30 19:42 "[Tiff] Rotating TIff Images", by Richard Nolde

I'm getting ready to upload an update to TIFFCROP in the hope that it will be distributed with the next major release. I note that the version in the 3.9.0 CVS tree is a year behind my most recent upload to the 4.0 CVS tree so I want to get this into the distribution shortly. In testing and then fixing a few bugs that crawled into the code during my recent work, I thought about the my rotate image functions. They work as advertised but they do not update the TIFFTAG_ORIENTATION tag in the image after the data has been rewritten. Would it be desirable for this tag to be updated when the image is rotated and does anyone know of TIFF readers that take it into account when displaying an image?

Richard Nolde

Tiffcrop author