1996.11.24 18:32 "Tiff Lib Not Found", by Ahti Suo-Anttila

1996.11.24 22:04 "Re: Tiff Lib Not Found", by Helge Blischke

I have installed ImageMagick on an pentium pro Linux version 2.0.20. Everything seems to work fine except tiff support. Whenever I try to load a tiff file it says, Tiff library not available. I downloaded tiff-v3.4beta035-tar and followed the instructions. It put the Tiff library in /usr/local/lib, A listing of that directory is

Perhaps you try to get the wanted libs by ldd your_program and see what libtiff.so.* it wants, and make then a symbolic link with the desired name.

Hope this may help you,
H. Blischke