2000.04.17 19:03 "SGI tiff 3.5.5 make install error .....", by Hezekiah Mcmurray

2000.04.19 16:48 "Re: SGI tiff 3.5.5 make install error .....", by Roy Darrall

I strongly disagree. One of the nice things about libtiff is that it isn't cluttered up with all sorts of autoconf garbage, so it's actually straightforward to compile on platforms that autoconf doesn't support. (Like, say, MacOS with CodeWarrior.)

Above sentiment agreed completely and unreservedly, cool things are real cool but I usually find they just get in the way..., I've seen many a good Unix hack work for a month to make an auto-auto-auto-everything system that saves his company about 3 days of work.

Please don't anybody be disheartened from doing cool things but in my 25 years worth, KISS has to come first, second and third, and other platforms are equally important and rarely autoable in the same way(s).

Cheers and thanks to *everybody* involved for a great support and mailing list.

Roy Darrall