2006.11.30 16:14 "[Tiff] ITULAB JPEG support", by Lee Howard

2006.12.01 11:00 "Re: [Tiff] ITULAB JPEG support", by LERIDANT Jean-Yves

In any case can we not allow dependence on the JPEGCOLORMODE rat's nest of hacks to grow, and that's exactly what we would be doing if we allow the support for ITULAB to be tied in with LibJpeg.

More and by hell, I don't understand what color process different of YCbCr ( in turn nothing ),

a LibJpeg might apply to ICCLAB or ITULAB...

However, I perfectly agree with something like trashing-out whatever color space conversions

below tif_jpeg entry point, ( note that now, anyone can process color conversion as he want,

and then feed codec with it as YCbCr ) but: elimination of the horrible JPEGCOLORMODE pseudo-tag ( and real abomination )

will not solve ***the*** problem: the demented xxx-subsampling tag, that a not too much brain-damaged libtiff would understand for jpeg files, as a parameter in the in the same sense

that quality factor on the compression side, and override to (1,1) on the decompression side

(in some way as strip_chopping ).

Jean-Yves Le Ridant