2006.11.01 17:47 "[Tiff] RE: Reading Photoshop Proprietary Tag 37724", by Phil Harvey

2006.11.02 21:21 "[Tiff] Re: Reading Photoshop Proprietary Tag 37724", by Olumide

The "Basic SDK" can be downloaded without signing anything, but unfortunately the required documentation is in the "Advanced SDK". For this, you have to sign an agreement and FAX it back to Adobe. Here is the response I got when I explained my intentions:

"Unfortunately, at this time we cannot support a request to distribute this information as it would allow some third parties to bypass the license agreement that we have in place to protect the PSD file format."

This is the same reason why I haven't bothered to apply :-(. I'm yet to find anyone that's successfully given the information.

BTW, using using the library for writing for my research and not for any open source project.