2006.11.06 22:01 "[Tiff] Strange RGB values [Newbie Question]", by Olumide

2006.11.07 12:16 "Re: [Tiff] Strange RGB values [Newbie Question]", by Gerben Vos

I have a white, uncompressed TIFF image (no color), which I'm trying to read. For some reason, I'm getting mostly 205 color values for each channel.

buffer = (uint32 *) malloc( sizeof(uint32 *) * imgSize;

Last part should be "sizeof(uint32) * imgSize".

TIFFReadRGBAStrip(tiff, 0, buffer);

Note that you are reading only a strip, not the entire image. But after that, you print the byte contents of the entire image. If the image consists of multiple strips, the buffer will not have been filled completely.

Where does the 205 come from? Thanks,

205 is 0xCD hexadecimal. I think it is some kind of filler for uninitialized buffers under Windows.

Gerben Vos.