2007.09.12 03:28 "[Tiff] bug reporting and state-of-the-project query", by Lee Howard

2007.09.13 19:53 "Re: [Tiff] bug reporting and state-of-the-project query", by Bob Friesenhahn

What is needed are a set of small Unix shell scripts designed to fit into libtiff's existing test suite. These scripts would test libtiff using the libtiff utilities. Besides validating libtiff, this would help validate the utilities used.

Care to volunteer?

Attached is a start.

To make things more clear, it is best to have many small tests so that there can be a summary of the number of tests that passed/failed at the end of the test run and one tiny failure does not cascade and cause all tests to fail. A test is successful if it returns 0 to the invoking environment. It is best that each test is stand-alone so that it does not depend on the success of other tests. If there needs to be some common test framework code (e.g. to set environment variables), then that can be included by simply sourcing a shared bit of shell script.

Here is an example of one of the test scripts I used for GraphicsMagick:

# Test for 'gm' utility.

set -e # Exit on any error
. ${srcdir}/utilities/tests/common.sh

${GM} convert ${MODEL_MIFF} -raise 10x10 -label Raise Raise_out.miff

So, an example simple test for tiffinfo (assuming that file.tiff exists somewhere) could be

tiffinfo file.tiff > /dev/null

and for tiff2pdf

tiff2pdf file.tiff file.pdf

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