2006.09.27 13:31 "[Tiff] Horizontal prediction for 16bit data", by Joris Van Damme

2006.09.27 23:09 "Re: [Tiff] Horizontal prediction for 16bit data", by Joris Van Damme


One of these days I need to draw out the TIFF pipeline and put it in a technote. (something I thought was obvious from the spec. but other people keep missing)

I'm happy to see you speak of 'TIFF pipeline', I was getting insecure from seemingly being the only one with such a concept.

I've been planning to make that same drawing for ages and host it on my site...

Reorder planes -> difference -> byte order swap to file order -> compress And the reverse

Decompress -> byte order swap to host order -> undo-difference -> reorder planes

OK, that clears it up. Depredicting comes after resolving byte order in de decoding pipeline. My problem is that I take byte order into the next layer that deals with color and color convertion, so there is no resolution of image data byte order inside my TIFF codec at all. The reason was mainly that I didn't want to end up swapping bytes, only to next possibly swap them back when feeding the stuff directly into an encoder session.

But at least now it's clear what I have to do. Thanks for your input, Chris!

Best regards,

Joris Van Damme
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