2006.10.04 19:18 "[Tiff] 64-bit libtiff", by Dieter_Stüken

2006.10.05 13:02 "Re: [Tiff] 64-bit libtiff", by Andrey Kiselev

On 10/4/06, Dieter Stüken <stueken@conterra.de> wrote:

I tracked down the problem and found the reason was the definition of "tsize_t" which is still 32 bit, in contrast to size_t or void*, which become 64 bit. Thus I can't use TIFFmalloc(tsize_t) to handle memory >2G :-( So, even if the tiff file format itself is limited to 32 bit, there is no reason to limit the virtual image size, too. Indeed I simply tried to change "tsize_t" to 64 bit and it seems to work without problems so far! I did not test everything, but the binary tiff file layout seems not being affected by this.

There is existing bug report on this problem:


Unfortunately this change makes my own tiff library incompatible to any binary distributions, and I have no idea, how to introduce this change without problems.

You can install your new libtiff separately, somewhere in /usr/local/libtiff-64/ directory, and link your utilities against that version using rpath (path embedding). Other tools will work with old library in /usr/lib (or where it is located on your system). The only thing you should be sure is that tsize_t defined as a signed data type in your customized build.



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