2005.04.02 07:49 "[Tiff] Atternative to read, write, seek, close, sizeof processes", by Katrina Maramba


I am looking for an alternative to the 5 processes Ive listed above.

In the TIFF library, it uses the file operations fread, fwrite, etc. In my program, I want to use this processes not on a file but on a data buffer.

Below is my alternative function:

static tsize_t tiffReadProccess(thandle_t pInputData, tdata_t pBufRet, tsize_t size)
    Byte4Type ctr;
    ByteType abArray[8];
    ByteType abTemp[8];
    ByteType*   pbPtr;
    ByteType*   pbTempPtr;

    pbTempPtr = (ByteType*)malloc(sizeof(ByteType) * size);
    pBufRet = (ByteType*)malloc(sizeof(ByteType) * size);
    pbPtr = (ByteType*)pInputData;

    memcpy(pbTempPtr, pbPtr, sizeof(ByteType) * size);
    memcpy(pBufRet, pbTempPtr, sizeof(ByteType) * size);



Unfortunately, this doesnt work. The buffer returned only has the value ccccccc. I dont know what this means. I also got earlier problems that states that pBufRet has an unknown size. I think this is because its variable type is a void pointer.

Please help. I am very new to image processing. Any help will be deeply appreciated. Thank you.