2005.12.04 23:29 "[Tiff] how to split layers in tiff file", by Brad Brock

2005.12.05 21:28 "Re: [Tiff] how to split layers in tiff file", by Bob Friesenhahn

Please any further information on this topic would be helpful. I have a Photoshop Tiff file with embedded layers that I need to either break out and recombine or simply delete, similar to the poster's issue. My issue is about layers as opposed to channels. I would think that since Photoshop is used in like 90+ percent of publishing operations around the world (defacto standard) that this issue would have been addressed. Any guidance whatsoever is appreciated.

As Joris says, TIFF has "channels" rather than "layers". However, extra channels can be used to implement "layers". For example, an associated alpha channel is called a "layer" by Photoshop.

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