2005.12.03 14:46 "[Tiff] Call for OJPEG test images", by Joris Van Damme

2005.12.03 14:46 "[Tiff] Call for OJPEG test images", by Joris Van Damme


I've designed a new way to decode most of old-style JPEG compressed TIFF files. Whilst this new decoder is currently part of my own TIFF codec,

which is substantially different from LibTiff, it is nevertheless my intention to move it into LibTiff when I'm completely satisfied with it and triple-checked it. That should lead to a tif_ojpeg.c with no LibJpeg hack requirement, no complete single-chunk file buffer reader, no security issues and buffer overflows and access violations, and better quality output. Furthermore, since my OJPEG codec is designed to build a good legit JPEG stream from the variously scattered bits and pieces of OJPEG data in many of the mutually exclusive vendor specific implementations, it would also serve in converters from OJPEG-in-TIFF to JPEG, and to JPEG-in-TIFF.

I do need your help in two areas.

  1. It is extremely important that I get as many testimages as possible, from as many different sources as possible. I you've any old-style JPEG compressed TIFFs laying about, please consider mailing me.
  2. This all took considerable time already, and it's bound to eat more of my time still. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to donate this time for free. I would, if I could, but I can't. If you appreciate a new and hugely improved tif_ojpeg.c, please consider putting some money where your appreciation is, even if it's not a lot. In the unlikely event that I do actually raise more money then this is worth, I will in turn pass on all excess to Frank, Andrey, and Bob, so as to help fund other development.

Joris Van Damme
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