2005.04.01 05:54 "[Tiff] TIFFOpen alternative", by Katrina Maramba

2005.04.01 09:02 "[Tiff] TIFFOpen alternative", by Katrina Maramba

Hi again,

Thanks for your help but I need more information...

I am new to image processing and this is what I have to do..

  1. I have a big data buffer where the whole file is stored. What API can I call to parse the buffer to get the header and the image data? What do I have to initialize/set beforehand?
  2. After I already have the data I need, I plan to call the API TIFFReadRGBAImage. It will return to me a big buffer with the whole image in RGBA format... Is this a correct operation?

Do you have other documentation on libtiff on the steps on how to use this in other ways than calling TIFFOpen and TIFFReadRGBAImage?

Can you also give me information on compression operations? Which one is the best to use? And what API's do I have to call?

Pls help.... thank you so much!