2006.11.13 10:04 "[Tiff] Cannot read 96 bpp tiff image", by Kacem Bekri

2006.11.13 22:16 "RE: [Tiff] Cannot read 96 bpp tiff image", by Chris Cox

(bits per pixel is a meaningless number, only the bits/channel is useful)

You can check the TIFF structure with Photoshop CS2 (which can read 32 bit float images).

But using the LibTIFF RGBA interface, I don't think you can read those files. You'll have to use the more detailed interfaces to get the raw data.


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Hello, I have a little problem with libtiff, and I hope anyone can help me.

I am using Mental Ray plugin in Maya software which give me only images in tiff format.

Images are 32 bits per sample (RGB - 96 bpp)

When I am using LibTiff to load may image, it writes:

Lightmap_HDR_top.tif: Sorry, can not handle images with 32-bit samples.

I am using Libtiff v3.8.2 in win32 dll mode. (In visual C++ 2005)

It works well for standard tiff files.

I think that libtiff know how to load 96 bits tiff because, FreeImage project is using libtiff and can handle 96-bit images since v3.7.2.


Thanks for your help.