2007.07.25 23:51 "[Tiff] Writing custom TIFF tags to Photoshop saving TIFFs (with Photoshop)", by Olumide

2007.07.26 14:11 "[Tiff] Re: Writing custom TIFF tags to Photoshop saving TIFFs(withPhotoshop)", by Olumide

If you want metadata to be preserved - put it in a documented metadata format: EXIF (but only documented tags), IPTC, or XMP.

Photoshop throws away undocumented tags for a reason: they cause big problems when they get out of sync with the image data.

Just be sure, are you saying that I can get Photoshop to save custom data as XMP? -- in which case, I should be reading this: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/xmp/ :)

Also, how would you suggest that I go about "tagging" each layer of the images produced in Photoshop? As I said in my previous post, I need the layers to have specific IDs (preferably numerical), and layer names just wont do because Photoshop allows layers to have the same name, and typos in during naming will produce unique but unrecognizable names -- if they contain typos.

What sort of plugin would I need to write to do this? I'd like the plugin to be able to check if a layer ID has already been assigned, to avoid ID collisions.


- Olumide