2007.08.02 16:38 "[Tiff] reading planar images using TIFFReadScanline", by Christian Henning

2007.08.02 17:54 "Re: [Tiff] reading planar images using TIFFReadScanline", by Frank Warmerdam

Hi there, is it correct to say that reading using TIFFReadScanline is not working?


As far as I know it works fine, within it's intended constraints (stripped files only).

 > Also, is there one way of reading all kinds of tiff

images using just one TIFFRead*****?

The TIFFReadRGBAImage() interface will work with tiled and stripped files. But there are still image types (unusual bit depths for instance) that it won't work with.

The libtiff API is closely aligned with the TIFF format itself. This is good in some ways, but it means you can't just treat the TIFF file in a very abstract way. Instead you are forced to deal seperately with tiled and stripped images, and differently with pixel and band interleaved (planar configuration contiguous and seperate) images.

Consider using a higher level library if you are looking for simplified access.

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