2007.08.20 01:34 "[Tiff] can libtiff deal with this file? [re-sent]", by Abraham D. Smith

2007.08.20 02:13 "Re: [Tiff] can libtiff deal with this file? [re-sent]", by Frank Warmerdam

I have hundreds of gigabytes of microscope images which libTiff cannot seem to handle properly. Indeed, the only program on Linux which can seem to handle these files is the NIH's ImageJ. Every libtiff-based image viewer seems to truncate the brightness.

A sample file can be found here



This file reads just fine in OpenEV. The default constrast stretch in OpenEV is suboptimal but that is easily corrected by manually selecting a stretch range.

There is no evidence I can see that libtiff has problems with this image. But I would not be surprised that many applications do different things to convert this to a displayed image. The TIFF file itself does not force a particular display approach.

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