2006.09.22 01:07 "[Tiff] Status of ISO JBIG and CIELAB JPEG support", by A Wandering LibTIFF User

2006.09.28 18:39 "Re[2]: [Tiff] Status of ISO JBIG and CIELAB JPEG support", by Jean-Yves Le Ridant

I don't think anyone said that. In fact, I recall Chris Cox stepping in and saying Photoshop doesn't support ITULAB, or at least it doesn't support ITULAB in TIFF. Chris can be trusted to know such stuff. I've checked the ITULAB support for JPEG in Photoshop 7.0, and there's none.

Jpeg in tiff for lab began with CS1(8).

> What you may be thinking of is that Yves double-checked the
> ITULAB-TIFF-in-discuise with Photometric CIE Lab, by taking it into
> Photoshop and next correcting Photoshop's wrong take on this caused by
> the wrong Photometric, with various dials and bells, such that the image
> would start making sense if it was ITULAB despite of its Photometric.
> And it did start making sense.

Not so much dials and bells. Just some linear rescale of layers. ( However, seems that this fax do not use the decode field, which is a major interest of ITU spec. )

Result can be found here, http://jeanyves.leridant.free.fr/pub/ with some other TiffJpeg lab files, and a Win32x86 build of a "yaTiffcp" I used to produce them.

All sync well with photoshop, except 16 bits/sample jpeg tiffs. Of course.

It is hard to answer that question. There's no means of objective measurement. And however small the market is that is concerned with ITULAB, you can bet your anything it'll be vitally important to at least some people, like maybe some fax people perhaps. This is a big planet, a surgically narrow market from some people's point of view, means the world and livelyhood to some others.

Ah ouais, ça le marché....

Suffira que quelqu'un à Microsoft se dise que ne pas afficher de vignettes des images Lab, c'est franchement tarte, particulièrement dans un machin qui s'appelle "aperçu des images et des telecopies dans windows", qu'il faut bien que ça serve à quelque chose de quadrupler la puissance de traitement pour faire tourner LongHorn, et tous les vendeurs se mettront en devoir de prouver à chaque individu de la planète qu'il a besoin de ITU lab en 8, 12, et jpeg... Et ils réussiront.


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