2007.09.12 03:28 "[Tiff] bug reporting and state-of-the-project query", by Lee Howard

2007.09.13 13:29 "Re: [Tiff] bug reporting and state-of-the-project query", by Frank Warmerdam

I understand that you are not in a position to address all of what is in libtiff alone. I will do what I can to help where I can do it as I have tried to do in the past. However, I wish to caution us to not allow the secondarily-purposed utilities to slip past basic testing and into neglect - not only because of their value as utilities, but also because of their value as another library-using application.


Yes, I generally agree with this. But a certain amount of neglect happens as I have never used some of the utilities. I do agree utility failures due to changes in the library are high priority.

Most bug reports releated to tiff2pdf or tiff2ps are new features, or fixes to the output side. In the past I've blindly applied these and often it has just caused other problems I had trouble anticipating. This has contributed to my personal neglect of some utility bug reports.

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