2007.08.07 05:07 "[Tiff] tiffcp problem", by Leyland, Patrick

Hi there,

I'm having some unusual issues with tiffcp, and I'm wondering if anyone can help me.

I've been using an old version of tiffcp (not sure which version sorry) on an old UNIX box, to combine two tiff images, one with an orientation tag of '3' and another with '4'. It would then produce a two page tiff image, with the appropriate metadata.

As a side note, it was used with the '-c g6' command line option.

Now we've just finished upgrading this machine to a nice new Solaris box, with tiffcp version 3.8.2. Unfortunately using tiffcp in the same situation now produces some interesting results.

Instead of maintaining the images' orientation tags, they now both come out set to 4, which causes the images to display incorrectly.

I've investigated different command line options, but haven't come up with anything that works.

I've tried using the same images on the different versions, and it certainly must be due to some change in 3.8.2 (or earlier).

If anyone can shine any light on this I'd greatly appreciate it. I've already written a Java alternative, but I'd really like to continue using tiffcp, as it's been so reliable for so long.

Kind regards,

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