2007.08.22 16:22 "[Tiff] new compile of tiff in visual studio 8 (beta)", by DB Karron

Has anyone have a project/solution file for visual studio 8 (c++ version)?

I'm trying to compile this in an unknown compilation environment.

Being an old unix mook i have been avoiding this for decades.

I have the file compileing, having brought in zlib and jpeglib from cygwin, but it is barfing on POSIX stuff like int main() and int __argc and char **__argv, exit(), fprintf, and other unix stuff we have grown to know and love at the compiler linkage stage.

I want to compile it so i can debug into libtiff and friends, and include it in compiler optimizations, and perhaps contribut tweaks to the code base.

I'm lost and dizzy; how can i get busy again?


dr. K

Dr D B Karron
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drdbkarron@gmail.com (backup e-mail)