2007.07.25 23:51 "[Tiff] Writing custom TIFF tags to Photoshop saving TIFFs (with Photoshop)", by Olumide

2007.07.26 14:51 "[Tiff] Re: Writing custom TIFF tags to Photoshop saving TIFFs(withPhotoshop)", by Kevin Myers

The tiffset utility is a stand-alone command line tool that allows you to add or modify tag values *after* a tiff image file has already been created (whether through Photoshop or otherwise). The enhancement that I implemented allows you to use it to set/modify the values of user-defined tags in addition to the standard tags that tiffset already supported. Whether it would work for you depends on whether a command line based tool would fit into your work flow, or could be called from a GUI tool of your own design.

As you know, another reader of this list voiced concerns that Photoshop may throw away non-standard tags if you re-edit the same file in Photoshop after adding your custom tags.

Subject: [Tiff] Re: Writing custom TIFF tags to Photoshop saving TIFFs(withPhotoshop)

I had similar needs, and have written an enhancement for the tiffset utility that allows you to do this. I have uploaded the corresponding patch to bugzilla. You should be able to download it from there if desired and rebuild tiffset. Hopefully this will soon be included in a standard logTIFF release.


What I need to do is to read (multilayered) Photoshop TIFF images in an anther application for which I've written a layered TIFF reader.

Considering that the layered TIFF is generated by a Photoshop user *within* Photoshop, do you still think your library or LibTIFF can help "smuggle" private tags into the Photoshop file? (I need Photoshop to save the private tags with the multilayered TIFF).

I've already written an application that reads (multilayered) Photoshop TIFF images, but I'd like to have the Photoshop user/creator of the TIFF file specify unique tags for each layer. Currently, I'm using the layer names to distinguish them from each other, but there's nothing to stop a user giving 2 layers the same name...