2006.11.14 13:38 "[Tiff] Confusion about TIFFWriteDirectory() and TIFFRewriteDirectory()", by Anurag Singh

Hello All

Currently i am using libtiff 3.8.2. i have some confusions about TIFFWriteDirectory() and TIFFRewriteDirectory(). Could anyone please pass the information for the same.

what is role of TIFFWriteDirectory()?? is it write only directory structure or both directory structure and image data associated it.

what are the main differences between TIFFWriteDirectory() and TIFFRewriteDirectory()?

if i have written a directory by using TIFFWriteDirectory() and want to modify some tag information then how it would be possible after directory has already written?? what is the impact of using TIFFRewriteDirectory() function?

Links and document are also wellcome. Thanks in advance for your help.