2007.07.23 22:24 "[Tiff] Planar Images", by Christian Henning

2007.07.23 22:50 "Re: [Tiff] Planar Images", by Bob Friesenhahn

Hi there, can somebody point me to an explanation on how planar images are stored inside a file. Esspecially when using TIFFReadEncodedStrip.

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How can I access the red, green and, blue components? Or asks differently when I read a strip what's in it? I could image several memory pattern.

In a planar image, there is only one type of sample for each plane. For example, in an RGB image, there are separate planes for red, green, and blue. That means you need to retrieve data three times in order to compose a complete row/strip of RGB pixels. Does that help?

Planar images are elegant but can be slower.

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