2005.04.29 19:44 "[Tiff] Adobe Photoshop Corrupt TIFF", by Bill Bither

2005.04.29 20:37 "Re: [Tiff] Adobe Photoshop Corrupt TIFF", by Chris Cox

There are no known problems in Photoshop CS that create bad TIFFs. Photoshop CS can generate TIFF images up to 4 Gig, and most other software won't read TIFF files over 2 Gig. (but Photoshop does warn the user about this)

Notice the 37724 tag - the Photoshop layer data. It's over 2 Gig by itself. The user saved this file with layers, and Photoshop put the image data at the end of the file - making the strip offsets start over 2 Gig.

The resaved image somehow puts the image data before the layer data - just moving it down under 2 Gig.

There is nothing wrong with this file, from what I can see looking at the headers.