2005.12.01 17:58 "[Tiff] getting bigtiff implemented", by James Carroll

Hello, I work in the microscopy field, where we will spend hours scanning a microscopic slide and creating a large montage. Later we can use this TIFF for virtual micrsocopy. We bump into the TIFF 4GB limit every once in a while, and have to start the scan over with a smaller area. In the next year, we intend to add multiple focal planes to these images, which will grow the files by a factor of 10 or 50 (or 300 in some cases.)

We are currently looking for an individual who would be willing to implement the big tiff spec that's outlined here: http://www.awaresystems.be/imaging/tiff/bigtiff.html

The work would be funded by a grant that we are applying for. What we need for the grant application is a commitment from a developer who is capable of doing the work, their hourly rate, and a very rough estimate of how long the project would take them to complete.

-Jim Carroll