2005.12.12 22:19 "[Tiff] Writing EXIF data?", by Paul J. Lucas

2006.01.07 02:59 "Re: [Tiff] Outrageous profile tag sizes reported by libtiff 3.8.0", by Jay Berkenbilt

I have changed these definitions, so it should work as in previous versions now. The new tif_dirinfo.c file can be either taken from CVS or from the 3.8.0 release with the following patch:

Index: tif_dirinfo.c

=================================================================== RCS file: /cvs/maptools/cvsroot/libtiff/libtiff/tif_dirinfo.c,v retrieving revision 1.60

retrieving revision 1.61


Do you think I should put 3.8.0 with this patch into debian or wait for 3.8.1? I have not uploaded any 3.8.0 yet pending resolution of this issue. Thanks for taking care of it so quickly and to Bob for tracking it down!

Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org>