2006.01.09 14:12 "[Tiff] The -rpath Problem: Please add ${LIBDIR} to ${LINK}", by Norihiko Murase

2006.01.09 17:06 "Re: [Tiff] The -rpath Problem: Please add ${LIBDIR} to ${LINK}", by Bob Friesenhahn

I found one kind of problem in LibTIFF-3.8.0. Even if I executed the configure script with the option "--enable-rpath", the -R<dir> options are NOT added in the steps of "link"!!

Currently LIBDIR is added to LDFLAGS for linking the libtiff library. These flags should then be automatically applied by libtool when linking dependent programs. So I don't think that the current behavior is wrong.

# As for libtiff/Makefile, it may be the best to add the
# following line somewhere
# mkg3states_LDFLAGS = $(LIBDIR)

What does this accomplish? The mkg3states program is never installed and it does not need any library which is later installed.

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