2006.01.03 11:52 "[Tiff] Strip Vs Tile", by Sonia S Kumar

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My Query is regarding the layout of Tiff Images.

When to save a Tiff image as Tiled and when to save a Tiff image as Strip?? While saving, should we consider the layout of the original Tiff image which we opened??

The TIFF spec 6.0 recommends a strip size of 8K (before compression). As far as deciding when to do multi-strip, you should consider your targets for the image data -- what platforms will deal with the images? If these platforms have limitations like the old real-mode Intel 64K segmentation, you'll probably want to do multi-strip for all images. If your images are going to be processed by flat-memory devices with reasonably fast storage media, multi-strip probably won't be useful until your images exceed 512K in size.

When saving data in general, IMO, you should try to preserve as much of the original "framing" as possible. In other words, preserve byte-ordering, stripping, compression format, IFD layout, whatever offsets you can, and even any custom tags that your software may not understand or care about. The TIFF format is very suited to this "preservation" idea. On the other hand, it really depends on your problem. Perhaps your goal is to "standardize" the format of your images...