2005.05.18 18:17 "[Tiff] Looking for the definitions of (MS Specific?) tags", by Kevin Grover

2005.05.19 21:16 "Re: [Tiff] Looking for the definitions of (MS Specific?)", by Ulf Zibis


as I very rarely follow the list, it was by luck that I read Kevin's posting, and that I perhaps protected him of disassembling the tags by himself, it would be very adjuvant to find the denotation of these tags in a public place.

I would apreciate it very much, if you would find a way, to add these MS Fax tags on your site. You can mention my name as the liable author. My work would be lost in space, and everybody prospect must dissassemble these tags once more. Perhaps making this information public would enforce Microsoft to give a statement or to publicise the real denotation of these tags.