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   I am working always on 64bit machine. I am interesed on read/write tiff files smaller than 4Gb so I do not have to use BigTiff.

What dif you mean for "files that are too large for 32bit offsets"?

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El 23/10/2012, a las 02:24, Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam@pobox.com> escribió:

Regular TIFF (as opposed to BigTIFF is limited to 4GB files or smaller. If you use POSIX file io on 32bit machines this may be further restricted to 2GB.

libtiff 3.9.x and earlier only support regular TIFF. If you want to write big files you should use libtiff 4.x. In the case of multi-page TIFFs you will likely need to explicitly force production of BigTIFF files via the TIFFOpen() args the requirement will not be obvious when creating the first page, but libtiff does not support converting TIFF to BigTIFF "in place".

I had though that the latest 3.9.x releases errored out when writing files that are too large for 32bit offsets. If that isn't the case, perhaps there is a need for some sort of extra error checking. Contemplate filing a ticket.

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On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 5:20 PM, Jorge Martin <jormarfe@gmail.com> wrote:

Is there any limitation to the max. size for a multi-page TIFF?

I developed a library to read/write multi-page tiff and I see strange issues when I generate a multi-page (with only four pages) tiff with size greater than 2Gb. When I try to open this multi-page with tool TIFFTagViewer, it returns an error message ('Unespected error. Page list is broken') opening the last page of the TIFF. IrFanView tool does not recognise also the last page.

Is this behaviour nominal? These issues disappears when I generate the same image replacing one page and getting a multi-page tiff with size lower than 2Gb.

I have also noted that libtiff (version lower than 3.8.2) returns some errors trying to read this multi-page but these errors disappear for libtiff version 3.9.4

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