2004.08.19 12:15 "[Tiff] Tiff conversion using libTiff", by Ionita Alexandru

2004.08.23 15:47 "[Tiff] tiffset - photometricinterpretation problems", by Frank Warmerdam

I've tried to set this fields using tiffset from libtiff, but this error occurs:

D:\work>tiffset -s PhotometricInterpretation 1 TsrFile.tiff
TIFFSetField: TsrFile.tiff: Unknown pseudo-tag 4294967295. Failed to set PhotometricInterpretation=1

D:\work>tiffset -s SamplesPerPixel 1 TsrFile.tiff
TIFFSetField: TsrFile.tiff: Unknown pseudo-tag 4294967295. Failed to set SamplesPerPixel=1

And another thing that I didn't mentionate is that I'm using windows XP, and libtiff is accessed from java, through command Line executed with java.Runtime.getRuntime.exec(commandString). I have to do all this opperations in this conditions.


This problem has undergone substantial revision since the last public release (I think), and I don't get the same message. Instead I get the value set improperly. I have created a bug report for this at:


If you know a set of particular fields you want to be able to set you might want to just hack tiffset.c to handle them properly.

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