2004.02.24 20:02 "[Tiff] Support for 16-bits per sample images", by Mayank

2004.02.24 19:14 "Re: [Tiff] Support for 16-bits per sample images", by Chris Cox

Does the libtiff library supports 16-bits per sample images for both RGB and CMYK images?

If Yes, then what is the latest version that supports it?

Also, I found that, the version that i have, does have some level of support for 16-bit RGB images, but it just truncates the data from 16-bits to 8-bits to store it as an 8-bit image. Is this statement correct?

What the other guys have told you on this list is that libtiff is capable of producing the original 16-bit data, but the interfaces require that you parse the data in your own application. Care must be taken since 16-bit TIFF can be big or little endian and the data is not re-ordered for you.

If that is the case, that would be a major bug in LibTIFF -- because differencing predictors have to be applied/removed in native byte order.

LibTIFF should always convert the image data to native byte order before handing it off.