2012.07.29 19:51 "[Tiff] What about hiding not-officially-exported functions?", by Tom Lane

2012.07.31 13:54 "Re: [Tiff] What about hiding not-officially-exported functions?", by Edward Lam

On 30/07/2012 7:45 PM, Tom Lane wrote:

I experimented with applying a symbol filter in libtiff.map, using the current contents of libtiff.def as the list of allowed symbols.

This is an excellent idea. I've personally run into a problem or two in the past with libtiff.def missing a symbol.

The second thing I found out was that the regression tests fail unless TIFFCreateEXIFDirectory, TIFFCreateCustomDirectory, TIFFWriteCustomDirectory, and _TIFFRewriteField are added to the list. The first three of these of these I guess are supposed to be exported, which means we've been sloppy about maintaining libtiff.def, and somebody ought to go through tiffio.h line-by-line to make sure all public symbols are really listed (I haven't done this).

Can we at least add those functions (which we know are missing) to libtiff.def right away?

 > I'm not sure if

it's a good idea for the regression tests to depend on _TIFFRewriteField or not --- thoughts?

Is there the concept of "unit" tests in libtiff? It would make sense for "unit" tests to have very specific knowledge of the libtiff internals.

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