2012.09.06 15:30 "[Tiff] Managing the buffer", by

2012.09.06 15:30 "[Tiff] Managing the buffer", by

Dear TIFF list:

I would like (for complicated reasons) to write a large number of TIFF images that are the same size. I wish to have a pre-allocated buffer and not allocate a new buffer each time I want to write an image. I gather from reading various man-pages that TIFFWriteBufferSetup() may be used for such cases as mentioned in the man page -- " 'intelligent clients' that wish to optimize memory usage and/or eliminate potential copy operations that can occur when working with images that have data stored without compression "

That nicely states what I wish to do.

However, I don't quite understand at what point this routine should be called.

If I call TIFFOpen, then it seems that the buffer gets allocated if it isn't already allocated ;

But if I don't call TIFFopen, then I don't have a valid TIFF structure to call? When I call TIFFClose, doesn't it deallocate the buffer?

1 allocate a buffer
2 call TIFFWriteBufferSetup
3 call TIFFOpen
4 call TIFFWrite[scanline,strip...]
5 call TIFFClose
6 loop to 3?

This doesn't make sense because I don't have a TIFF structure pointer at 2


1 allocate a buffer
2 call TIFFOpen
3 call TIFFWriteBufferSetup
4 call TIFFWrite[scanline,strip...]
5 call TIFFClose
6 loop to 2?

This doesn't seem to make sense because I suppose that TIFFOpen will allocate a buffer, and TIFFClose will free the buffer?

Thanks for any help!



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