2012.12.19 17:02 "[Tiff] CVS server unreachable?", by Tom Lane

2012.12.19 19:50 "Re: [Tiff] CVS server unreachable?", by Bob Friesenhahn

What I wanted to say, however, is that there really is a need for a backup. There are plenty of ways to accomplish that. Losing the repository history would be very sad.

There is almost certainly a backup but it is done by the same organization. The organization has been highly reliable over the years but it would be useful to have independent backups as well (e.g. via rsync) in case something bad happens to the organization.

An additional value offered by Hg or Git is that organizations can manage their private changes to libtiff using the same tool. It would not be necessary to copy libtiff files into some other version control system in order to version control local changes to libtiff.

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