2012.08.16 12:48 "[Tiff] Custom directory support", by Steve Underwood


I tried using the custom directory stuff in libtiff 3.9 a while ago, and
it had problems when writing. Now I have tried 4.0.2, and things seem to
be working OK so far. However, I wonder if I am using the library in the
intended way, because.......

I need to include tif_dir.h to get the definition of TIFFField and TIFFFieldArrayfor using custom directories, but this is not part of the installed set of files. Am I supposed to handle these definitions in another way? At the moment I have simply copied tif_dir.h into my project directory, and things work OK.

The custom directory handling requires a TIFFFieldArray to define the tag, just like the 4.0.2 library does internally, but it seems I still need to use the old TIFFFieldInfo definitions to extend the list of tags for the main directory. Is this intentional, or have I missed something?

Apart from this, 4.0.2 is looking pretty nice.