2004.09.16 17:04 "[Tiff] libtiff and .net", by Kalonji Kabongo

2004.09.16 18:16 "RE: [Tiff] libtiff and .net", by Bob Friesenhahn

I would not mind doing it to expand my knowledge of .net, libtiff and tiff. If there are other people willing to collaborate on this, we can form a team and plan for it. I realize doing it alone could take a longtime.

Do you have any king of diagram that shows the program flow?

Nope. I suggest that the first step is to become familiar with the limitations of Managed C++, study the libtiff APIs, develop your object model, and then write the wrapper classes to expose selected libtiff APIs to .net. Some libtiff APIs will not be suitable for .net at all. Others will require marshalling code since unsafe code is not allowed to directly access data in managed objects.


Bob Friesenhahn