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2000.10.12 15:49 "libtiff-lzw", by Frank Warmerdam
2000.10.12 16:56 "Re: libtiff-lzw", by Simon-Pierre Cadieux
2000.10.12 17:59 "Re: libtiff-lzw", by Michael L. Welles

2000.10.12 15:49 "libtiff-lzw", by Frank Warmerdam


Stanislav has submitted some bug patches (or perhaps resubmitted is more accurate), one of which relates to the lzw support. I have put this into bugzilla as:

His patches are reasonable, but I am wondering if we should take a slightly different approach.

What I would like to see is the patch just installing a full tif_lzw.c implementation, and perhaps updating tiffconf.h to enable LZW. I think the default distribution should contain a tif_lzw.c, but that is empty so we don't have to change the makefiles when applying the patch. Everything else LZW related should be driven off the LZW_SUPPORT macro from tiffconf.h. If a user enable LZW by turning on this flag, but doesn't apply the tif_lzw.c patch then at link time they would get a TIFFInitLZW() missing link error.

I feel these changes would:

I can't remember too much about our discussions when you originally implemented the LZW patches, but I fear I am contradicting some of my advice at the time. In any event, I am willing to apply the suggested changes if you and other agree.

Best regards,

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