2008.04.17 14:16 "[Tiff] What's the utility of complex-valued samples?", by Ross Presser

2008.04.17 14:44 "Re: [Tiff] What's the utility of complex-valued samples?", by Frank Warmerdam

Yesterday someone on the list mentioned that samples can have complex values (with either integer or floating point real/imaginary parts), and I wracked my brains but absolutely could not figure out why you'd need that. Pigments are either there or not, in varying amounts; complex values don't make sense for that purpose.

Is this for non-image uses of the TIFF container format, or something?


Lots of us consider TIFF a raster or grid format, not just an image format, and TIFF is used to hold lots of gridded data products that are not implicitly visual. So, yes, this is for "non-image" use of the TIFF format.

Incidentally, we non-image users still do want to visualize our results, but we understand that the TIFF doesn't have any one implicit visual presentation.

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