1993.11.09 23:26 "grayscale format", by Guojun Jin

1993.11.11 19:41 "Re: grayscale format", by Robert Doerksen

Good Question Jin,

Have you heard a response from anybody official yet? My reading of the TIFF spec leads me to believe that Baseline TIFF readers must support 4-bit and 8-bit grayscale imagery, but I am assuming that TIFF readers which support some of the extensions would also support the other types you have mentioned. The one type which I have not read anything about is the type "complex". I am communicating with ALDUS to determine whether we can store a complex image as:

        SamplesPerPixel = 2 (ie: REAL, IMAG)
        BitsPerSample = 16, 16
        SampleType = unsigned integer
        PhotometricInterpretation = "new unique value indicating complex
                        cartesian data"

For our application, we would like the TIFF reader to read the two components of each pixel, and then calculate and display the magnitude as an 8-bit gray-scale (the least-sig 8 bits would be truncated for display purposes).

Please let me know if you hear anything. Thanks,

Rob Doerksen