2008.02.18 00:40 "[Tiff] TIFFRead errors on faxes", by Mick O'Neill

2008.02.18 07:41 "RE: [Tiff] TIFFRead errors on faxes", by Tillaart, Rob van den

Hi Mick,

You should inform the faxman developers to check if the error was introduced by their software. Some years ago I had a problem with faxman and their support-team solved it very well. Check their website http://www.data-tech.com/

Think it is not a good idea to patch non-libbtiff bugs in libtiff, but you might use it to build a dedicated filter that tests and fixes the offsets if needed. This can probably be done in place so no need to rewrite the whole file. The filter could be the basis for a more generic integrity-test-tool, a cousin of tiff-info. Tiff-info might be a good starting point for your filter as I think of it.

so far my 2 cents,


rob tillaart

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